Welcome to the Ministry of Health

Health can no longer be viewed within the narrow frame of reference that speaks simply to the absence of disease and infirmity; therefore the Ministry of Health is fully committed to the Primary Health Care Approach and subscribes fully to the core values of ethics, equity and solidarity.

Health must be viewed holistically to include the complete physical, mental and social well-being of the individual. In that regard, access to health is viewed as a fundamental human right and in achieving health for all we believe in promoting partnerships and cooperation and ethical conduct in health service provision. By embracing these core values, we aim to ensure that all persons regardless of their socio-economic situation have access to an essential package of quality services.

Our mission is to promote the health and well being and to enhance the quality of life of persons on Montserrat by empowering individuals and communities and assuring access to promotive, preventative, curative and rehabilitative health care services through the provision of (or access to), affordable, accessible, and acceptable, quality health care in partnership with other stake holders.

In order to achieve our mission the Ministry of Health and Community Services will seek to create a healthy environment and encourage personal responsibility for well-being through the building of alliances and partnerships.

We do hope you will enjoy the Ministry of Health website and find it useful. Please send us your comments via contact us. The site is still being developed and we value any suggestions made.