Visiting Specialists

To make an appointment with one of visiting specialists please contact your regular doctor for a referral, or visit a doctor at community clinic to receive a referral for the specialist. This is important as you need a referral from your local physician before you can make an appointment with the visiting specialist.

Details of booking and visiting the doctor at the community clinic can be found here.

Please be advised that this schedule is not definite and is subject to change. We will do our best to keep the information on this schedule as up to date as possible. In case of questions, please contact our clinic.

Visiting Specialist *Schedule:

Specialist Field Date
Dr Roberts Pediatrics 29 November & 13 December
Dr G. Meade Cardiology 8th – 12th December
Dr Walwyn Ophthalmology December 2019
Dr Singh Orthopedics December 2019
Dr Jain Urology to be confirmed
Dr Morris-Patterson Psychiatry January 2020
Dr Fergus-Rowe Cardiology 2020 – to be confirmed
Dr Daly Gynecology 2020 – to be confirmed

*Last updated 27th Nov 2019