About Us

Ministry of Health

The Honorable Mr. Colin Riley, Minister of Education, Health, Community Services and Labour

Health Department

The Ministry of Health is fully committed to the Primary Health Care Approach ad subscribes fully to the core values of ethics, equity and solidarity. In that regard, access to health is viewed as a fundamental human right and in achieving health for ll we believe in promoting partnerships, cooperation and ethical conduct in health servie provision. By embracing these core values, we aim to ensure that all persons regardless of their socio-economic siuation have access to an essential package of quality services.

Mission Statement

To promote the health and well being and to enhance the quality of life of persons on Montserrat by empowering individuals and commuities and assuring access to preventative, curative and rehabilitative health care services through the provision of (or access to), affordable, accessible, and acceptable, quality health care in parternship with other stakeholders.

The Health Department provides the following services. Click on them for further information.

Click here for a leaflet: A Guide to Health Services on Montserrat

Community Services Department

In order for any agency or department to be effective there is an over-riding need for comprehensive planning to be performed on a regular basis. This will guide the initiatives and activities of the department; ensuring that they are realistic, achievable and sustainable.


To be a premier agent for the emporwerment, care, protection and socioeconomic advancement of all people on Montserrat.

Mission Statement

To respond to the social services and community development needs of all persons on Montserrat. More specifically, to encourage development and ensure the well-deing of all persons on Montserrat by providing social care and support to those in need; encourage empowerment of vulnerable groups; and promote the advancement of all communitie in Montserrat.

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