Primary Health Care

Health care services are provided at the first point of contact in the community, for example District Clinics (Health Centres). There is an emphasis on preventive / promotive health care. Curative treatment is also given, allowing the patient if possible to remain out in the community rather than being admitted to hospital (secondary health care). Referrals are also made as needed to hospital or to other health sections, departments or agencies such as Community Services Department. The Primary Health Care system also includes the Dental Clinic, Environmental Health, Health Promotion Unit, Nutrition (at district clinics), Mental Health and the HIV/AIDS/STI programme.

Community Nursing Services

These services are based at the four District Clinics (Health Centres). Click here for a leaflet on Community Nursing Services

Opening Hours:
Monday- Friday 8 am – 4 pm
St John’s Clinic is open until 6pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays

Ms Violet Brown
C0ommunity Nursing Manager

St. John’s Clinic
Tel: (664) 491-5218

Cudjoe Head Clinic
Tel: (664) 491- 5258

St. Peter’s Clinic
Tel: (664) 491-5436

Salem Clinic
Tel: (664) 491-5256

Each clinic is staffed by at least one trained nurse, who is available between 8am and 4 pm. On Tuesdays and Thursdays St John’s Clinic stays open until 5 or 6 pm. There is a weekly doctor’s clinic at each health centre. (For additional doctors’ clinics at St John’s Health Centre, see below).

Other services include:

· Hypertensive and diabetic clinic
· Child welfare clinic
· Antenatal and postnatal clinic
· Family planning
· Pap smears
· Nutrition counseling
· Treatment of minor ailments
· HIV counselling and testing
· General counseling and health advice
· Referral to other agencies / services
· Immunization
· Dressings
· Home visits to housebound
· School Health
· Eye clinic and other occasional special clinics

Click here for the Clinic Schedule

Additional Doctors’ Clinics at St John’s

At present a doctor attends the St John’s Clinic every weekday, seeing patients by referral from their district clinics or from Casualty. This service is scheduled as follows:-

Mondays: Well child clinic
Tuesdays: General clinic (afternoon)
Wednesdays: Sick babies and children referred from clinics
Thursdays: General clinic (afternoon)
Fridays: Women’s health (Family planning, pap smear, breast exam etc)

Please make sure to call the clinic for an appointment, DO NOT just come.

Health Promotion Unit

St John’s (Near St John’s Clinic complex)
Ms Sharon Greenaway
Health Promotion Coordinator
Tel: (664) 491-9935
Fax: (664) 491-9937

Click here for an informative Health Promotion leaflet.
You can also visit our website by clicking on Health Promotion Unit.

Some of the services offered by the Health Promotion Unit are:-

· Weekly radio programme “Talking Health” at 3 pm on Thursdays and repeated at 1.30 pm on Sundays.
· Newspaper column “Heatlh Corner” in the Montserrat Reporter.
· Presentations on health topics to community or other groups.
· Design of leaflets and brochures.
· Provision of literature and other information on a variety of health topics.
· Availability of health videos for clinics and other group settings.
· Coordinates activities of inter-sectoral Health Promotion Team.
· Collaboration over special “Days” like Caribbean Wellness Day
· TV programme “Eating Healthy from the Land” on People’s TV.
· Coordination of health workshops.
· Coordination of National Health Fair 2007.
· Collaboration with other sectors on the health promotion aspect of their work.
· Collaboration / assistance with research projects.
· Any other activities related to health and health promotion.

For further information about Health Promotion, and for articles, leaflets, flyers and powerpoints on a variety of health topics, go to the Unit’s website by clicking on Health Promotion Unit.

Mental Health

St John’s Clinic Complex
Mrs Gwendolyn White Ryan
Community Psychiatric Nurse
Tel: (664) 491-3879

Services offered at the Mental Health Unit are as follows:-
· Relaxation therapy
· Drug and alcohol abuse rehabilitation
· Counselling and psychotherapy:

o One on one therapy
o Group therapy
o Family therapy
o Anger management therapy

· Clinics held by visiting consultant psychiatrist on a monthly basis with the psychiatric nurse.
· The administration of prescribed medication by psychiatric nurse.
· Home visiting of the clients and their relatives
· Evaluation and follow-up care of clients in the homes for older persons, prison and the community
· Day Centre for occasional occupational and rehabilitation therapy
· Occasional participation in radio programmes, such as “This week with the Nurses” and “Talking Health”.
· Family planning for the clients, and medical referrals for clients to attend the various clinics
· 24 hour on call duty in case of after hours complaints or problems.

Environmental Health

St John’s Clinic complex
Mr. Trevor Howe
Principal Environmental Health Officer
Tel: (664) 491-6057

Dental Clinic

St John’s Clinic complex
Tel: (664) 491-7404
Dr Coretta Fergus
Opening Hours:
Monday- Friday 8 am – 4 pm

The dental clinic provides basic oral health services , including the following:-

· Scaling and polishing
· Dental sealants
· Fluoride treatment
· Extractions
· Root canal treatments.
· We also provide oral health education.

Click below to see leaflets on two important aspects of dental health:-

Caring for your infant’s teeth
Pregnancy and your mouth

Nutrition Programme

Miss Maunelva Taylor, Nutrition Officer
Based at the Hospital (Tel: 491-2843) but visits all the clinics at least once per month for dietary counselling and other input at the Primary Health Care level.

Sexual Health Unit, Cudjoe Head

Mrs Anjella Skerritt
HIV/SIDS/STI Coordinator

HIV/AIDS programme includes:-

  • Prevention
  • Voluntary counselling and testing
  • Treatment and care
  • Addressing stigma and discrimination
  • Drafting of workplace and education policies on HIV/AIDS

Cervical cancer programme includes:-

  • Prevention and early detection through the Pap smear programme
  • Referral for follow up and treatment when needed

Click on Pap smear programme for an informative leaflet..