Secondary Health Care

Healthcare in Montserrat is provided in two main ways: Primary Care (community services) and Secondary Care (hospitals and specialists).
Secondary care simply means being taken care of by someone who has particular expertise in whatever problem a patient is having. It’s where most people go when they have a health problem that can’t be dealt with in primary care because it needs more specialised knowledge, skill or equipment than the community/district clinic has. Secondary care services are usually based in a hospital rather than the community. Sometimes ‘secondary care’ is used to mean ‘hospital care’ but not all secondary care professionals work in hospitals, such as psychiatrists and some clinical psychologists and occupational therapists.

Secondary care includes treatment for illness, injury or other health problem in hospital or in an outpatients’ clinic. It also includes tests and care for serious conditions. Anyone can use the Casualty Department /Accident and Emergency (A&E) for a serious, urgent problem – but many problems can be dealt with by the community services district clinics.

Services provided at the hospital are generally accessed via referrals from primary health care, private doctors’ offices, or from casualty.

Patients from Primary Health Care attending the district clinics may also attend the hospital for laboratory, pharmacy, X-ray and physiotherapy when those services are required for their condition.

Accident and Emergency

For emergencies only
Tel: (664) 491-2802

This department is located in the hospital. It is open 24 hours a day and is staffed by nurses, with a doctor on duty during the day and on call at night, weekends and public holidays.

Please note that this department is for persons requiring emergency care. All others should access care at the district clinics. 

Accessing Services

There may be Fees associated with the services offered at the hospital. It is important that you check with the Medical Records Department at Glendon Hospital to determine if payment is required.

Glendon Hospital

St. John’s
Tel: (664) 491-2552 / 2836 / 2843
Fax: (664) 491-6413